Studioplex Alley

Atlanta, GA

Role: Developer and Equity Partner

This 8-acre mixed-use project along Atlanta’s BeltLine embodies quality urban design and placemaking.

661 Auburn Ave NE,
Atlanta, GA 30312

Project type
Urban infill, ground up, mixed use, air rights sale
$ 0 Million
Deal Level Returns
68% IRR, 2.96x
Placed in Service
February 2018
Exit Timing
June 2019
Investment Hold Period
2 years
31,000 SF experiential retail
Financing Method
Financial Partners
Creations Group, BB&T (now Truist), Studioplex, LLC

Transformed cotton mill in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward now empowers local and women-owned businesses.

Along Atlanta’s BeltLine lies the “beachfront” property of Atlanta. When the trail segment adjacent to the Studioplex campus was only a plan on a page, Columbia Ventures was already planning Studioplex Alley. It would go on to become a signature intown attraction for those seeking experiences emblematic of quality urban design and placemaking: good food, good drinks, and good fun.

Columbia Ventures partnered with Studioplex, LLC, the owner of an 8-acre mixed-use project on Auburn Avenue in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, to activate this successive phase of a multi-phase effort to turn the old cotton mill property into something so much more. The joint venture completed a 375-space parking deck in January 2017, which allowed the eastern facing BeltLine frontage of the property to be developed.

Construction of SPX Alley began in April 2017, and it includes 31,000 square feet of retail, restaurant and fitness studio space at the front of the property. SPX Alley opened in Spring 2018 and boasts nineteen townhouse pads on its roof (by others), and was the first purpose-built retail development on the Eastside Trail of the BeltLine. Eleven of the thirteen tenants are selectively curated local businesses, and seven are women-owned businesses. The asset was sold in June 2019 for the highest price per square foot at the time in Atlanta for a retail center.

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