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How the Union Terminal Warehouse connects with the Eastside community

By Will Brown Published on March 1, 2023 at 9:56 pm

When Ryan Akin explained the qualities of the Union Terminal Warehouse once it’s renovated next year, he immediately caught the attention of Eastside advocates.

It will devote a majority of its 228 residences to workforce housing. 

Akin is the development manager for Columbia Ventures, the Atlanta-based developer that is converting the former grocery warehouse into residential, commercial and retail space. As he stood in a navy suit and white hard hat on a warm, early spring morning, community advocates Suzanne Pickett and David Garfunkel shared a smile.

Those connections with the Eastside community are what may separate the Union Terminal Warehouse from others in Jacksonville.

Columbia Ventures has worked with residents, business owners and advocates on the Eastside to integrate the project into a community that needs development, but has been the recipient of previous false dawns.

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Advocates, developer use Union Terminal to push statewide historic tax credit bills

By Mike Mendenhall  | 12:09 p.m. February 28, 2023

Speaking to Florida lawmakers from the loading dock of the Union Terminal Warehouse on Jacksonville’s Eastside, Columbia Ventures LLC Development Manager Ryan Akin said the building’s $72 million mixed-use renovation will be a win for the neighborhood and local historic preservation. 

“All right, I’m going to take you back in time a little bit,” Akin said. 

The Atlanta-based developer coordinated the Feb. 27 tour with the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, a statewide nonprofit that works to preserve Florida historical sites. 

The groups hoped the Union Terminal project would be a showpiece as the Florida Legislature considers bills in the 2023 session that would create a state-level historic tax credit program to provide more financial incentives for preservation, restoration and adaptive reuse projects. 

Columbia Ventures purchased the 110-year-old historic warehouse at 700 E. Union St. through an affiliate in December 2018 and started work in 2022 to preserve and convert it into mixed-income residential and commercial space.

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Union Terminal Warehouse in Jacksonville gets massive makeover

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