Columbia Ventures’ founders have developed over $2 billion of commercial real estate including over 26,000 residential units, comprising market-rate, senior, affordable, and condominium units with extensive regional and national experience.

Columbia Residential has a team of over twenty-five real estate professionals headquartered in Atlanta, who provide the following services for the firm:  land acquisition, entitlement, master planning, construction management, development project management, property management, tax credit/RFP/RFQ preparation, compliance, community services, accounting and asset management.  The brand has been built on enduring relationships, absolute integrity and top-notch execution.

Dillon Baynes, Co-Founder and Managing Partner

As managing partner of Columbia Ventures, Dillon Baynes has primary operational and managerial responsibilities for the firm.  Dillon applies his entrepreneurial style, community relationship values, and business experience towards creative solutions throughout all phases of the real estate development process, from acquisition to design, entitlement, construction, marketing, lease-up, and operations.

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Jakob von Trapp, Co-Founder and Partner

As a partner at Columbia Ventures, Jake von Trapp is primarily responsible for development management and project execution.  Von Trapp leverages his experience in urban infill multifamily development and his background in complex mixed-finance transactions to allow the firm to structure favorable unconventional financing structures that maximize risk-adjusted returns while positively impacting the neighborhoods in which they operate.

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Noel Khalil, Co-Founder and Partner

Noel Khalil founded what is now the Columbia brand in 1991, and today oversees the company in its mission in his role as Chairman and CEO of the Columbia group of companies.  He is responsible for the company’s strategic planning as well as the formation of alliances with local communities, non-profit CDCs, financial institutions, governmental entities, and public housing authorities.  He guards the company culture.

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Jim Grauley, Co-Founder and Partner

Jim Grauley serves as President, Chief Operating Officer and Principal of the Columbia group of companies, managing operations of development, finance, asset management and corporate business operations.

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